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Explanations are required to grasp the brutality and banality of this injustice. As for non-contact sports, I still could have made use of my helmet. Der Teig hat doch eine ganze Stunde gebraucht , um fertig zu werden. The batter did indeed take a whole hour to be ready. Wo werden denn heute noch Katapulte gebraucht? Where are catapults still used today? For the next ten days, you don't need to come under my eyes [idiom: I don't want to see you].

Alle naslang brauchst du das. You need that all noses long [idiom: repeatedly in short intervals]. Caption 18, Otto Waalkes: Die verflixte Rechenaufgabe. Welcome to the third and last part of our series on on German cooking verbs.


Take this opportunity to brush up on your cooking verbs with Yabla! To the cream I'll add the hard cheese.

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Captions , Cannelloni: mit Jenny. Caption 28, Piggeldy und Frederick: Maschine. I would say, everyone gets to stir. For example, peeling carrots, helping just where we are needed. We take five eggs and crack them individually into the mixture. Find some German recipes online and try cooking them at home. You can also search Yabla and find some videos with cooking themes to see some more cooking words in context. We're back right away with the second part of our series on German cooking verbs.

Take this opportunity to brush up on your cooking verbs with Yabla, and we wish you a guten Appetit! Stir together again and then the asparagus is up again. Einfach mit dem Messer durchziehen. Simply pull through them with a knife. Caption 54, Cannelloni: mit Jenny. Heat a small pan at medium-high temperature with two tablespoons of olive oil. So now you can stir it once again. You can also search Yabla and find some videos with cooking themes to see more cooking words in context. If you are studying German, you must be somewhat curious about German foods.

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This is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your cooking verbs, and Yabla is just the place to start! For that, I have to pour out the oil in the jar. Caption 58, Cannelloni: mit Jenny. Be careful with asparagus, don't fry it too long, then deglaze it with water. You take them out and let them drain a little bit. Now just arrange everything nicely on the plate. Jetzt wollen wir den Teig ausrollen. Now we want to roll out the batter. In our last lesson on false friends , we discussed a few false cognates that begin with the letters C and D.

Today, we're moving yet another step down the alphabet to learn about some falsche Freunde starting with E and F :. I smell it to see if it also really smells like a strawberry, and maybe I could look on top. Captions , Kochhaus Berlin: Frische Zutaten erkennen. Bald waren sie bei einer Fabrik , bei einer Farbenfabrik. Soon they were at a factory , at a paint factory. Caption 6, Piggeldy und Frederick: Malen. Well, really like a darkroom, like photographers used to do it.

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Caption 51, Lokalhelden: Art House. For a thorough list of German false friends, take a look at this extensive chart and then search Yabla videos to find the words used in context! In German most countries are, as in English, just called by their names, such as Deutschland , Frankreich , and Belgien ; but some country names require the definite article, just as in English: the United States or the Netherlands. The rules for whether a country name requires a definite article or not are not always the same as their English equivalents, however, and have a specific feminine or masculine gender too:.

For me, it was already a success to come to training camp in Turkey at the time. Some other countries with the feminine definite article are: die Mongolei , die Schweiz , die Slowakei , and die Ukraine. There are masculine countries, for example "the Iran. Obviously "the" is used before "Iran" in the English translation only to emphasize the use of the definite article. Some other countries requiring the masculine definite article are: der Irak , der Jemen , der Kongo , der Libanon , der Sudan , and der Tschad.

France was much more backward than the United States. Caption 45, Malerei: Impressionistinnen. In most cases, the countries that use plural definite articles are the same as those that do so in English: die Bahamas, die Niederlande , die Philippinen , die Salomonen , and die Seychellen.


A quick word of warning regarding the use of definite articles and country names: If a country with a non-plural definite article is preceded by an adjective, then the definite article is referring to the neuter noun das Land the country, the nation and always requires the neuter definite article. Even countries that do not require the definite article in normal usage get the neuter article das if they are being described preceded by an adjective.

Browse through Yabla videos and find some country names being used in context and in different cases like dative, accusative, and genitive. Gertrude Stein may have felt that a "rose is a rose is a rose is a rose," but William Shakespeare wrote that "the summer's flower is to the summer sweet," especially after a "barren winter, with his wrathful nipping cold.

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Let's start with some parts of the flower:. The bees and the bumblebees could fly from blossom to blossom without a headwind. Caption 9, Piggeldy und Frederick: Vergessen. There's always something to eat, buds , leaves , or fruit from the plane trees. Weil heute Valentinstag ist, gibt es besonders viele rote Rosen. Because today is Valentine's Day, there are especially many red roses. Caption 9, Valentinstag: in Karlsruhe. The rose hips were blooming pinker than they had for a long time. Caption 26, Piggeldy und Frederick: Das Fernweh.

Those whose seasonal interests extend beyond the horticultural may enjoy watching some videos on another favorite summer pastime: soccer aka football.

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Take a look at this excellent list of German flower names. See which ones are easy to remember for their similarities to English, and make up a set of flash cards for the ones you find difficult. Hibiscus is clearly der Hibiskus , but who could've guessed that baby's breath is das Schleierkraut? Then go through the Yabla videos above and explore the context in which these flowery sentences were used!

The German combination of wo with a preposition is good for asking questions to clarify specific situations when warum why is too general. This translates as "What is he waiting for? This may seem complicated at first, but in context you will find it much easier than expected! Here are some examples from Yabla:.

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The highlight of the evening, which everybody had been waiting for It's a lot of fun, although the feet now are indeed slowly starting to ache somewhat. I don't know what you're talking about!