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In particular, those names which have a close connection to religious mythology and culture - for example Alpha, Icarus and Sheba - seem to be proving less and less popular each year. Fallen out of favor: Barbra, the unique spelling used by singer Barbra Streisand L , and Waldo, which is perhaps most easily associated with the children's book character Where's Waldo R , could soon be forgotten. Indeed, last year, parenting website BabyCenter released its list of Top Baby Names of , suggesting that parents are more inclined to choose a name based on their favorite Netflix shows, rather than looking to the history books for inspiration.

Nearly 20 per cent of moms surveyed on their naming tactics by the website found inspiration from TV show characters, while 16 per cent looked to actors and actresses for great baby name ideas. Not so in , the first year baby name records were kept in the US, when Alpha was Number It dropped off the Top in and is about to disappear for good.

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Barbra - Singer Barbra Streisand made her unusually-spelled, condensed name famous in the s, when it peaked at Number , only to drop off in the Top in Barbara, a Top 10 name for three decades, hangs on in the Top , but Barbra is about to vanish. Claudine - This feminization of the ancient Roman name Claudius ranked in the Top for first half of the 20th century, then blipped to a new height in on the popularity of singer Claudine Longet, only to fall off the charts in Nanette - Nanette ranked among the Top until 77, peaking in But today, most parents say no to Nanette.

Sheba - Sheba is the short form of the Biblical Bathsheba, disappearing from view with only five baby girls named Sheba in the US in But the devastating Hurricane Sandy took a lot of wind out of all forms of this name, given to only five girls in Zelma - Zelma nearly broke the Top in but fell off the list in Selma, Thelma, and even Velma, might be hanging on by the tips of their antiquated fingernails, but Zelma is about to lose her grip on modern usage.

Elmo - Just over a century ago, this short form of Guglielmo, the Italian form of William, stood at a respectable Number , hanging in there until the s, when it disappeared from view. Any hope of revival was shattered by the ticklish toy from SesameStreet.

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Icarus - A dramatic Greek mythological name, Icarus is known for flying too close to the sun with dire consequences. His name has never broken into the national Top , probably due his rash reputation and the icky sound of the first syllable of his name.

Llewellyn - A common name in Wales, with the distinctive Welsh double-l beginning, Llewellyn appeared on the US list for six decades, ending in the early s. But despite its rich Welsh history, literary cred and quirky nicknames, Llewelyn seems headed for extinction.

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Remus - With his twin brother Romulus, he was a legendary founder of Rome. But the stereotypical image of Uncle Remus, plus the unpleasant first syllable, have kept him permanently off the Top Waldo actually reached as high as Number in and remained on the list till , when it became a victim of anti-German sentiment.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Wave goodbye to Barbra and bid farewell to Waldo! Once-popular baby names now on the brink of 'extinction' after falling out of favor with parents By Charlie Lankston For Dailymail.

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Share this article Share. BOYS Elmo - Just over a century ago, this short form of Guglielmo, the Italian form of William, stood at a respectable Number , hanging in there until the s, when it disappeared from view.

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Inquisitor Simon Whitlock is sent to the frozen tundra to investigate a report of werewolves.

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Magic is an abomination—one that has grown tired of being hunted. The Inquisitors have hunted magical creatures for a dozen years, striking fear into those that dare escape the Rift. But now, in the swamps in Northern Ocker, a new evil is rising—one that's not afraid of Inquisitors.

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