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Royal Opera House: Don Giovanni November 17, - am ROH Live Cinema Season - The impulsive, charismatic Don Giovanni is a serial seducer, accompanied by his long-suffering servant Leporello—but when anger takes him too far, he unleashes a dark power beyond his control in this landmark Mozart opera. Double Indemnity November 18, - pm Monday Night Classics - "Double Indemnity" is the archetype of California noir: a greedy, weak man is seduced and trapped by a cold, evil woman amidst modernist glamour, dark shadows and Expressionist lighting.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles November 27, - pm Those aren't pillows! Royal Opera House: Don Pasquale December 1, - am ROH Live Cinema Season - The witty story of a middle-aged man whose supposed young wife runs rings around him — with her own ulterior romantic purpose in mind — has long delighted and surprised audiences with the sparkle of its music and the virtuoso skill of its performers. Elf December 4, - pm Holidays at the Tropic - If smiling is your favorite, join the holiday celebration at the Tropic with this ginormous special screening of this modern Christmas classic!

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Rojo December 5, - pm Cinematheque Series - Acclaimed Argentinian director Benjamin Naishtat returns with his first feature since with this "sophisticatedly entertaining reminder of our propensity for malevolent apathy. Synonyms December 19, - pm Cinematheque Series - Based on the real life experiences of writer-director Nadav Lapid, "Synonyms" is "a searing, maddening, explosively brainy movie" that explores the challenges of putting down roots in a new place.

Southern Circuit Tour: Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window January 19, - pm Southern Circuit Tour - What starts as a traditional documentary about the Hong Kong art scene becomes an intimate and wryly comedic study of loneliness and alienation within an increasingly globalized world. Southern Circuit Tour: You Gave Me A Song April 26, - pm Southern Circuit Tour - From director Kenny Dalsheimer, this new documentary offers an intimate portrait of old-time music pioneer Alice Gerrard and her remarkable, unpredictable journey creating and preserving traditional music.

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If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you can notice the late dawns and early sunsets, and the low arc of the sun across the sky each day. You might notice how low the sun appears in the sky at local noon. And be sure to look at your noontime shadow. Dawn comes early, and dusk comes late. The sun is high.

Around the time of the winter solstice, watch for late dawns, early sunsets, and the low arc of the sun across the sky each day. Notice your noontime shadow, the longest of the year. Photo via Serge Arsenie on Flickr.

Meanwhile, at the summer solstice, noontime shadows are short. The December solstice marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and longest day in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Many people notice this, and ask about it. The key to understanding the earliest sunset is not to focus on the time of sunset or sunrise. The key is to focus on what is called true solar noon — the time of day that the sun reaches its highest point in its journey across your sky. In early December, true solar noon comes nearly 10 minutes earlier by the clock than it does at the solstice around December With true noon coming later on the solstice, so will the sunrise and sunset times.

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Our closest point to the sun — or perihelion — comes in early January. So we are moving fastest in orbit around now, slightly faster than our average speed of about The precise date of the earliest sunset depends on your latitude. At mid-northern latitudes, it comes in early December each year. Close to the Arctic Circle, the earliest sunset and the December solstice occur on or near the same day.

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From mid-northern latitudes, the latest sunrise comes in early January. The exact dates vary, but the sequence is always the same: earliest sunset in early December, shortest day on the solstice around December 22, latest sunrise in early January.

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Solstice Pyrotechnics II by groovehouse on Flickr. Bottom line: In , the December solstice comes on December 21 at p. Happy solstice, everyone!

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